Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))最新版

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Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))游戏介绍

Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))是由游戏开发公司提供的一款快乐的竞速类手游,非常有趣的游戏设计,带来满满的惊喜感!那么对竞速游戏感兴趣的小伙伴,快快加入到Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))游戏中来,一起来围观吧;

Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费)) 4.12最新版


在这款终极夏季运动游戏中,它是专为触摸屏设计的,具有开创性的创新性和直观的滑动控件,可争夺最高分和最佳时间。 在跨栏,跳远,射箭或挑战等各个学科中创造新的世界纪录,并在其他学科(如仪表,自由泳和标枪)中击败您的朋友。 加入世界各地的玩家,挑战他们并成为最好的玩家!


★包括Wingsuit Stickman,Stick Stunt Biker,Line Runner,Line Birds,Rope'n'Fly,Line Surfer,RunStickRun等前100种应用程序的制作者:•12种惊人的奥林匹克学科,包括仪表, 跨栏,标枪,跳远,自由泳和射箭•创新的自然感觉轻击手势控制•完整的挑战系统,可传递100多个不同的挑战•启用Kiip,在玩游戏时获得真实世界的奖励(例如折扣)•每个学科的奖金• 定制商店,用赚来的金币自定义您的玩家和其他东西•流畅流畅的动作动画•惊人的Retina图形•在线和离线排行榜•启用了Game Center和Openfeint•与所有其他玩家或您的朋友直接进行比较•还有更多。 随时发布您的想法,我们将尝试尽快实施它们。非常感谢您对我们游戏的支持和关注! 我们很想听听您的建议!

Compete for the best scores and times in this ultimate summer sports game designed specially for the touch screen with groundbreaking innovative and intuitive swipe controls. Make new world records in various disciplines like hurdle, long jump, archery or challenge and beat your friends in additional disciplines like meters, freestyle and javelin. Join players worldwide, challenge them and be the best!

★ Regular content updates with new and amazing disciplines coming soon!


★ From the makers of various top 100 apps like Wingsuit Stickman, Stick Stunt Biker, Line Runner, Line Birds, Rope'n'Fly, Line Surfer, RunStickRun and more 


• 12 amazing olympic disciplines including Meters, Hurdles, Javelin, Long jump, Freestyle and Archery
• Innovative natural feeling swipe gestures control

• Full challenge system with more than 100 different challenges to pass
• Kiip enabled, Get real world rewards when playing (e.g. discounts)
• Prize Money for each discipline 
• Customization shop to customize your player and other stuff with earned coins

• Fluid and smooth motion animation

• Amazing Retina Graphics

• Online and Offline leaderboard

• Game Center and Openfeint enabled

• Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends 
• and many more... 

Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible 
Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!

Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))游戏截图

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  • Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))下载|Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))v3.9最新版下载 - (图2)
  • Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))下载|Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))v3.9最新版下载 - (图3)

Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))相关信息

大小:19MB 类型:游戏  - 竞速 版本:4.12最新版

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Stickman Games : Summer (Free)(火柴人游戏:夏季(免费))最新版游戏配置要求:

4.12最新版游戏配置-IOS系统需要iPhone 11以上。安卓系统需要Android5.0+,并且需要系统有4GB的运行内存。


安卓玩家: 品牌 :荣耀畅玩6A,三星GALAXY A70,荣耀30 Pro,华为畅享Z 处理器(cpu):天玑720,骁龙845,麒麟810,麒麟710,骁龙820 运行内存(ARM):3.5GB,2GB,1.5GB 苹果玩家: ios平台玩家,需要iPhone 12 Pro或版本更高的机型

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